Technologies for the Classroom

I found this article by Michael Poh (2016), titled, 8 Technologies That Will Shape Future Classrooms.

I think this day and age, technology is what is on main stage. It is not only very lucrative it is a proudful moment for any school to boast in having the latest and greatest. It may even make the headlines of their local newspaper. The following would be great to have in any classroom and would be beneficial for everyone involved. Is it something that every school is striving for?

Here is the list by Michael Poh on the 8 Technologies That Will Shape Future Classrooms.

1. Augmented Reality (AR) – This definitely will offer a new way to teach in many respects.

Sky Map


2. 3D Printing: Promoting Abstract Thought, Real-Life Models


3. Cloud Computing: “My dog ate my homework” just won’t cut it with teachers in the near future.

Education Cloud


4. Online Social Networking: This will enhance and promote many-to-many interactive learning where ideas are allowed to flow freely will be more aligned with real-world scenarios where collaboration is usually the norm. Social networking tools can be incorporated to enhance collaboration and team-building initiatives.


5. Flexible Displays: Paper-Thin Smartphones, flexible OLED-based displays. Just like regular paper, these displays will be lightweight, flexible and extremely thin. This means we can roll them up into tubes or fold them like newspapers.

Flexible ePaper


6. Biometrics: Eye Tracking:  Eye-tracking can be helpful for instance, in providing invaluable feedback for teachers to understand how students absorb and understand the learning content.

Eye Tracking


7. Multi-Touch LCD Screens: A giant tablet with its LCD screen lying flat atop a table-like structure. Students will sit around the table tablet, swipe on the board to manipulate and drag images around the screen, or type notes with their onscreen keyboards.


8. Game-Based Learning: 

  • Gaming For Grades
Possible Badges
  •  Learning To Design Games
Game Start Mechanic


Overall, there are many innovative technologies that can be brought into the classroom and it is these technologies that will play a huge part in defining the classroom of the future.

As Poh concludes, “In the future, education will no longer be restricted to formalized institutes like schools and classes. Using AR, cloud computing, online social networking and adaptive learning systems utilizing eye tracking technology, learning can take place outside the tradtional classroom.

Experimentations and mistakes will also be encouraged as simulations are made possible through 3D printing and game-based learning without actually incurring real-world consequences or costs. Chief among all, students will soon be imparted with the wisdom of seeing learning as not a chore, but as a critical and gratifying part of their life which requires their proactive involvement.”


Poh, M. (2016) 8 Technologies That Will Shape Future Classrooms. Retireved from


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