Digital Storytelling

I enjoyed reading the article on Digital Storytelling titled, A New Culture of Learning: Digital Storytelling and Faith Formation, by Mary E Hess. There were three paradoxes that were explored regarding the various levels of digital and online social context learning depending on how it was approached by the subject. The first paradox involves the intrigue a … Continue reading Digital Storytelling


Reflections on the Autobiography of St. Ignatius

As I was reading the Autobiography of St. Ignatius there were four aspects that struck me personally and spiritually. One was his encounter of Jesus and the Saints which led to his conversion. Second was how he changed his appearances several times depending on his goal for or enlightenment from his spiritual journey. Third was … Continue reading Reflections on the Autobiography of St. Ignatius

The Revelations of the Mystery of Faith

The object of Christian faith is a mystery because God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, the Immaculate Conception and so on are the objects of Christian faith and they in themselves are mysterious. Therefore, faith in its nature is a belief in something that is mysterious in regards to Christian faith. The objects of Christianity … Continue reading The Revelations of the Mystery of Faith

Surface versus Depth Gammar

Why might Migliore be concerned at several points to discuss the Christian “grammar” of the doctrine of the Trinity? Daniel Migliore As stated by Milgiore, “The central task of a Christian theology therefore is to clarify the understanding of God that is proper to the Christian faith to describe its own peculiar “logic” of God. “(Migliore, … Continue reading Surface versus Depth Gammar

Liberation of the Battered Woman

Battered women in domestic violence situations can be likened to the slavery of the Israelites. Both are subject to torment, cruelty and enslaved in captivity. The ones in power take many actions to ensure the slavery.  In terms of the Egyptians, they controlled the Israelites with forced labor. (Exodus 1:10-11; 1:13-14) Moses witnessed his kinsfolk … Continue reading Liberation of the Battered Woman

But It’s Personal…Not Verifiable

I appreciate the United Methodists’ focus on the roots to bear a faithful Christian witness to Jesus Christ in their Book of Discipline.  “…the sources from which we derive our theological affirmations and the criteria by which we assess the adequacy of our understanding and witness.”  (United Methodist Church, 2016) I think using sources have … Continue reading But It’s Personal…Not Verifiable